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Lawdy! I Could Never Do That!

October 17, 2009 1 comment

Do you have a “blue collar” job? If so, then I heartily congratulate you on finding a living that puts you on the side of the people. Ya get ya hands dirtehh. And ya woyk for a livin! You’re one of those “working families” that politicians talk about. You’re the heralded “middle class” and the backbone of America.

I’m, accountant…and thank god I don’t have to wear a suit. It helps. Otherwise, I’d probably never leave my corporate sanctum for fear of being lynched by the “working class”. Am I exaggerating? Perhaps a little. But check this out-

Have you seen those Quizno’s or Domino’s advertisments that claim their new product would be FREE!, but…..”the accountants wouldn’t let us”? I hope folks are smarter than that. Not just smarter than to think accountants set prices, but also smarter than to find the commercial clever whatsoever.

And here’s the meat of my piece: If I tell somebody I’m an accountant, I get a painful look with condolences and a sincere pledge that “I could never do that”. My prime example: The other day, I go to see my optometrist. When the nurse calls me back, the first thing she says is “So, what is a corporate tax accountant?”.

I explained the best I could. It took a while. Her response? “Oh gawsh, I could never brang myself to do thayat”. Once again, I am at a loss for words. I was expecting to receive praise and adulation for my new self-ascribed nickname “T-Bone” written free-hand style on the questionaire – ink still not dry.

So, after some reflection, I came to a profound realization that there is a dreadful double standard in America for which I am a hapless victim. It’s the “White Collar – Lawdy Yo Job Sucks!” double standard. If I told her I clean gutters, would she have said “Ouch!, that must be really boring and tedious”? No, because that would be rude and insensitive……………………………

The irony here is that a lot of people don’t seem to know what a corporate tax accountant is, but they sure as hell aint gonna do it.