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A Too Damned Saucy Five Dollar Footlong

November 27, 2009 Leave a comment

When I go to Subway, sometimes I get to spillin a whole lotta somethin in my lap.

Now, I don’t need to be eaten a whole footlong, but it’s only a dollar more than the six inch. I skip the chips and a drink cause I’m just crazy that way. So I deserve the footlong, you see.

And I’m gonna get everything on it cause that’s what I like and it don’t cost extra. So it’s gonna be huge by the time they’re done a make’in it and it’s gonna be hard to hold by the time I get to grabbin it.

So “How did it get so damned saucy?” you’re asken. Well, I like the light mayonnaise and the Southwestern Sauce. I can’t really control how much they put on. I mean, I want more than a little, but not a lot. I can’t stop’em from a squeezin if it gets to lookin like too much, you understand.

So then you’re asken, “Why don’t you lean over the damned table when you sit down to eat ya dinna?” Well, I do, but sometimes somethin gets to fallin, and then it just a keeps a rollin until it hits my lap. All I can do is hope there aint no sauce on it.

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